Classes & Workshops.

We believe everyone has a need to create, we have designed our classes to expand and teach new skills, motivate and inspire creativity. 


Knitting 101

This is a beginner class, where you will makeeither a cup cozy or headband, learn how tostart a knitting project, finish it and even change colours. This class is great for anyone just getting started and is ideal for true beginners.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Bullet Journaling

Is it possible to be spontaneous and organized at the same time?  

What if a daily agenda could be transformed into productivity tool for creative minds. Imagine if just one book could hold our calendar, to do lists, daily doodles, meal planning, events, projects, product sketches, notes and goals. What if it could help us celebrate our accomplishments and milestones.

In this a hands-on workshop, we’ll share tips and steal the best ideas from Bullet Journals, Visual Journals, and Omni Journals. We will share favourite books and page layouts for daily, weekly and monthly spreads. Discover how to use brush pens, rollerballs and fountain pens. Express your creativity while putting pen to paper. Compose a book that expresses your personality, style and goals. 
Our moto is “It does not matter where you start. It matters that you start!”


Chapstick Making Workshop

This workshop is great for anyone interested in healthy products, diy home essentials or making something products that they know exactly whats in them. 
After your class, you will leave with a four chapsticks and all the info to be able to do it again. You will learn about the benefits of essential oils, beeswax, carrier oils and more. 


Knitting - Cozy Slippers
Learn to make slippers, you will leave with a completed mini pair and be well on your way to completing your perferct pair. 

You will learn how to adjust a patterns. This pattern is created by The Alberta Yarn Project.


Description Having memories and memorabilia you would like to display can sometimes have its challenges, this workshop you will be provided with a plain wooden shadow box, accessories and guidance to create a beautiful piece of art that holds your memories. 



This workshop is ideal for those looking for natural, non-toxic perfumes or to explore ways to use essential oils. 
In this workshop you will learn about
Learn about:Toxin information in commercially produced fragrance products,Fragrance wheelPopular fragrance profiles,Top Notes, Middle Notes, Base Notes

You will leave this workshop with your very own perfume roller ball, the knowledge and skills to recreate it on your own.


Resilience Hat

Week one will be setting up the project to knit the hat. 
Week two will be working on the charted area. 
- Knitting in the round
- Ribbing
- Reading a Chart for stranded knitting
- Decreasing and finishing

*Must know how to cast on, knit & pearl.
This class is two - 2 hour classes