Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How do I become a mentor (teacher): You need to fill out the application form, meet with us once contacted and at the meeting you will need to supply samples of your work. In some cases we will have you do a short mock workshop if you have little teaching experience. 

2. How does payment work? We pay our instructors a 60/40 split (Mentor/Makers & Mentors), if the class sells out it will be 65/35. All materials are taken off the top for the class, before the split for example: The class is $100/person, material fees are $20/person, 10 people register for the class. Total class sales before tax is: $1000, supply fee is $200, balance is $800. 
Mentor would receive $480 & Makers and Mentors would keep $320. Mentors must supply an invoice, template will be provided if they require. 

3. When & How do Mentors get paid: Once the Mentor has submitted their invoice they will be paid by email money transfer within 5-10 business days.

4. Contract: Once you have been selected to be a Mentor, you will get a contract for every set of classes booked (one contract can be for 1 class or 6 classes, as long as the dates and times are confirmed) 

5. Class Cancelation: Classes will run when registration is at 50%. In the event that 50% of the registration has not been met 3 days prior to the class, the class will be canceled at not expense to Makers and Mentors.

6. Quality of class: All Mentors are required to supply written information for students to be printed BY Makers and Mentors. Mentors is responsible to ensure the classes starts and finishes on time. Mentors are responsible to leave the studio as they found it or better.