DIY Dryer Balls

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DIY Dryer Balls


Come learn how to make dryer balls.

You will learn the basics of dry needle felting.


Dryer balls are used to help dry clothes more quickly than usual as well as to soften fabrics in the dryer. When you load a big armful of wet towels into the dryer they will flop and tumble around.  Normally fabric will stick together in the dryer, slowing down the drying process.

On the other hand, when you add dryer balls into your clothes dryer the balls will get in-between the towels and clothing.  The balls will separate and pull them apart with their weight. This in turn is allows more hot air in and around your laundry helping the dryer to heat your laundry more quickly and suck the evaporated water out of the dryer more efficiently.

This more aerated drying also helps your laundry to feel more dry when it comes out of the dryer.

You will leave with three dryer balls & essential oils to add to your dryer balls. 
You can purchase a multi-needle felting tool for $5 if you would like one to take home.

** A minimum of 5 people is needed to run this class.
*This workshop is held at our home studio 6716 29 Ave

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