Father’s Day In Edmonton

June is a busy time of year, sports, sunshine, work… but remember to make some time for Father’s Day. June 18th is Father’s Day and we want to share some great ideas and suggestions for a fun and creative day. 

Father’s Day or “Quality Time Day”, this is perfect for doing an activity (like a workshop) having a BBQ, picnic or walk. Doing something together creates memories, 

If you are looking to purchase a gift here are our top 5 Suggestions:

1. Downtown Farmers Market – This is a great way to have your child find a gift that speaks to them. Give them $20 and let them out to explore while you are finding some great fresh food. Things you’ll find under $20 – Terrariums, Honey, Cookies, Coffee, Jams, t-shirts, or pickles

2. Habitat – While you are at the Market, this great local shop on 104st sells a combination of local product and others from far & wide. Great collection of clothes, candles, chocolate…. 

3. Earth’s General Store – Not only does Earth’s quality food, but they sells books, water bottles and other environmentally friendly products & supplies (this is actually what the business start with in the beginning). They also roast their own Fair Trade Organic Coffee.

4. Paint Spot – The Paint Spot is great for artistic workshops, art supplies and the staff are a wealth of knowledge. Great for the creative Dad.

5. Knifewear – Because we love experience gifts Knifewear is perfect, their knife skills class is great for those who love to cook & bbq, they also have books, kitchen tools... and a knife or two.

Some Great Father’s Day Workshops With Makers & Mentors Are:

Beard Oil

18 Day to go, enjoy Father's Day 2017 - June 18th.