Makers DIY - Bug Repellant

Makers DIY – Bug Repellants & Tips

Spring is the time of year when everything comes alive and when I say everything I mean even the creepy crawlers. We are nature lovers, garden creators and forest adventures, which means we see our fair share of bugs in a day.

This year the mosquitoes have come out with a vengeance and with the rain it will likely get worse. We have come up with our favourite DIY Bug Spray, Bug Repellent Luminaries & Spider Repellant.

First things first, why make your own repellants when you can buy them?
1. Less chemicals, regular sprays and repellants contain things like: and can be hard on our body, liver and lungs.
2. Cost: all of the products you’ll see below can be used for other DIY projects and when broken down the cost per bottle is very low, often more then have the price is saved if not more.
3. You get to create a scent you enjoy.

Bug Spray

Supplies & Ingredients
6 Drops Lemongrass
4 Drops Rosemary
8 Drops Lavender
4 Drops Tea Tree
¼ Cup Witch Hazel
4oz GLASS Spray Bottle

Combine ingredients into spray bottle, SHAKE well at time of making and give a quick shake before each use.

Bug Repellent Luminaries

Bug Repellent Luminaries

Mason Jar
8 Drops Rosemary
8 Drops Eucalyptus
8 Drops Lavender
8 Drops Cedarwood
½ lemon
½ lime
1 sprige Rosemary
Water to fill jar
Tea Light

Put the oils, lemon, lime and Rosemary into the mason jar. Top the jar up with water, close the jar and shake, remove lid and put candle to float.

Spiders Be Gone!

4oz GLASS Spray Bottle
15 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Cotton ball
¼ cup water

You can do two things with peppermint to help keep the spiders away. The first is to put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball that is a moist from a few drops of water, take the cotton ball and wipe the window and door frames. Alternatively, you can put 15 drops of peppermint into a spray bottle with water, SHAKE, and spray around your home, in corners, on curtains… to keep the spiders away.

Enjoy Summer and all it has to offer, don't let those bugs get in your way, if you are interested in great quality essential oils to use, check this out.