Vision Behind Makers & Mentors

Growing up in a house where you were encouraged to be creative, make a mess and share your crazy idea, is the home that I was brought up in.  As far as I can remember, I have seen my mother creating, she always encouraged my sister, brother and I to play with glue, paint, bake, stitch and all around get creating.  I am a firm believer that everyone has creativity in them, not everyone was as encouraged as we were and creativity comes out in different ways; today we each have different creative strengths. My sister isn’t a sewer or a painter, her magic lies in the mixing bowl. She has a more precise brain (she is a Librarian by day), the beautiful creations that come from her kitchen are creativity at its best. My brother is very different as well, his creativity these days are as a problem solver (he is currently the Acting General Manager for Tourism Jasper). For myself, I love to cook, plan events, paint, make products myself (DIY cleaners & perfume). Not all people who are painters like to sew or crochet, and not all knitters like to weave. Creativity is often more about challenging yourself to try something new, make a mess and enjoy the process along the way, one day falling deeply in love with that one creative outlet that brings you so much joy that you can't stop. 

At Makers & Mentors our goal is to craft an environment that fosters creativity; a space where you can try new things, take risks, ask for help, be challenged, learn a skill and most importantly become inspired to keep creating.  As Mentors, we want to find more people who want to share their skills with a new generation of crafters and creatives, we are always on the hunt for more Mentors (teachers) to share their passion with others.