Cathy’s Creations – A Stitch A Day Project

Cathy loves Pinterest, seeing what people are coming up with and getting inspired for her own creative adventures, while exploring she started coming across “A Stitch A Day”, these are projects where you can practice an idea, enhance your skill and try new stitches. She decided to create an embroidered wall

hanging out of a long piece of linen using cotton embroidery thread, her idea is to fill in the space without preplanning, more like “doodling” with the needle and thread and experimenting with new stitches and trying them in different configurations. Embroidery has countless types of stitches (when we teach intro to embroidery we teach eight of the most common) this type of project lends itself well to taking the stitches you know and creating something new out of them. The project has harmony when a colour pallet is chosen at the beginning. During the stitch a day adventure you will challenge yourself to learn new stitches and experiment with colour combinations. The outcome of this creative work will be a beautiful object but additionally it will be an important reference for future embroidery works.

This type of work can be challenging, no plan or pattern can have a type of intimidation that can feel a overwhelming, but knowing you just need to make a few stitches everyday can take that fear and pressure away and often many more stitches will be made. Cathy mentioned she felt like she was solving a problem or a puzzle when she has a space of fabric that needs to be filled. After you take away the “stress” of what is to go onto the fabric, the process becomes very meditative, the colour is calming and the stitches’ beauty comes together while filling in the space. With no deadline, no rush and no pressure for outcome Cathy’s Stitch a Day Project is well on its’ way to becoming a beautiful 10” x 37” wall hanging for her home.