Cathy - Teacher Bio

I’m Cathy Jackson, a lifelong maker, re-user, recycler, teacher and artist, I am primarily self taught although have taken drawing, painting courses and have a residential interiors diploma. I have a strong love and background in fiber, including quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, clothing, and weaving. I describe myself as compulsively resourceful and thrifty with materials, using materials as new as left over party decor to as old as 100 year old fabric, I enjoy using materials in non traditional ways and truly dislike to throw.

Teaching and sharing skills has been something I've done since my teens as a craft director for summer camps. My mother and grandmothers enabled me and taught me the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from making. I bring a lifetime of skills to Makers and Mentors and My greatest enjoyment comes from teaching others

Thank you for exploring, creating and re using along with me.

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We are MOVING!

We are excited and sad about moving locations. Sad because we love all of our friends at Timbre, we have been so lucky to be surrounded by so many creative entrepreneurs. Sarah was lucky enough to be involved in the Unbelts rebrand launch as a model was definitely a highlight for her this past year. We look forward to popping over for coffee breaks and treats (there are always treats kicking around at Timbre).

Sarah and Kim from The Paint Spot became friends in 2010, when The Paint Spot moved to its now location. Sarah has a cute little café around the corner and they bonded over their love of art, community and good coffee. Over the last seven years life has changed a lot, as it does, the café is closed, Makers and Mentors has opened and The Paint Spot open Artelier a building dedicated to art classes & workshops. Artelier is the perfect synergy of fine art and fiber art and crafting and we are excited to be apart of this new community.

Our classes will begin at Artelier the week of October 15th, 2017


Father’s Day In Edmonton

June is a busy time of year, sports, sunshine, work… but remember to make some time for Father’s Day. June 18th is Father’s Day and we want to share some great ideas and suggestions for a fun and creative day. 

Father’s Day or “Quality Time Day”, this is perfect for doing an activity (like a workshop) having a BBQ, picnic or walk. Doing something together creates memories, 

If you are looking to purchase a gift here are our top 5 Suggestions:

1. Downtown Farmers Market – This is a great way to have your child find a gift that speaks to them. Give them $20 and let them out to explore while you are finding some great fresh food. Things you’ll find under $20 – Terrariums, Honey, Cookies, Coffee, Jams, t-shirts, or pickles

2. Habitat – While you are at the Market, this great local shop on 104st sells a combination of local product and others from far & wide. Great collection of clothes, candles, chocolate…. 

3. Earth’s General Store – Not only does Earth’s quality food, but they sells books, water bottles and other environmentally friendly products & supplies (this is actually what the business start with in the beginning). They also roast their own Fair Trade Organic Coffee.

4. Paint Spot – The Paint Spot is great for artistic workshops, art supplies and the staff are a wealth of knowledge. Great for the creative Dad.

5. Knifewear – Because we love experience gifts Knifewear is perfect, their knife skills class is great for those who love to cook & bbq, they also have books, kitchen tools... and a knife or two.

Some Great Father’s Day Workshops With Makers & Mentors Are:

Beard Oil

18 Day to go, enjoy Father's Day 2017 - June 18th.

Makers DIY - Bug Repellant

Makers DIY – Bug Repellants & Tips

Spring is the time of year when everything comes alive and when I say everything I mean even the creepy crawlers. We are nature lovers, garden creators and forest adventures, which means we see our fair share of bugs in a day.

This year the mosquitoes have come out with a vengeance and with the rain it will likely get worse. We have come up with our favourite DIY Bug Spray, Bug Repellent Luminaries & Spider Repellant.

First things first, why make your own repellants when you can buy them?
1. Less chemicals, regular sprays and repellants contain things like: and can be hard on our body, liver and lungs.
2. Cost: all of the products you’ll see below can be used for other DIY projects and when broken down the cost per bottle is very low, often more then have the price is saved if not more.
3. You get to create a scent you enjoy.

Bug Spray

Supplies & Ingredients
6 Drops Lemongrass
4 Drops Rosemary
8 Drops Lavender
4 Drops Tea Tree
¼ Cup Witch Hazel
4oz GLASS Spray Bottle

Combine ingredients into spray bottle, SHAKE well at time of making and give a quick shake before each use.

Bug Repellent Luminaries

Bug Repellent Luminaries

Mason Jar
8 Drops Rosemary
8 Drops Eucalyptus
8 Drops Lavender
8 Drops Cedarwood
½ lemon
½ lime
1 sprige Rosemary
Water to fill jar
Tea Light

Put the oils, lemon, lime and Rosemary into the mason jar. Top the jar up with water, close the jar and shake, remove lid and put candle to float.

Spiders Be Gone!

4oz GLASS Spray Bottle
15 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Cotton ball
¼ cup water

You can do two things with peppermint to help keep the spiders away. The first is to put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball that is a moist from a few drops of water, take the cotton ball and wipe the window and door frames. Alternatively, you can put 15 drops of peppermint into a spray bottle with water, SHAKE, and spray around your home, in corners, on curtains… to keep the spiders away.

Enjoy Summer and all it has to offer, don't let those bugs get in your way, if you are interested in great quality essential oils to use, check this out.

Cathy’s Creations – A Stitch A Day Project

Cathy loves Pinterest, seeing what people are coming up with and getting inspired for her own creative adventures, while exploring she started coming across “A Stitch A Day”, these are projects where you can practice an idea, enhance your skill and try new stitches. She decided to create an embroidered wall

hanging out of a long piece of linen using cotton embroidery thread, her idea is to fill in the space without preplanning, more like “doodling” with the needle and thread and experimenting with new stitches and trying them in different configurations. Embroidery has countless types of stitches (when we teach intro to embroidery we teach eight of the most common) this type of project lends itself well to taking the stitches you know and creating something new out of them. The project has harmony when a colour pallet is chosen at the beginning. During the stitch a day adventure you will challenge yourself to learn new stitches and experiment with colour combinations. The outcome of this creative work will be a beautiful object but additionally it will be an important reference for future embroidery works.

This type of work can be challenging, no plan or pattern can have a type of intimidation that can feel a overwhelming, but knowing you just need to make a few stitches everyday can take that fear and pressure away and often many more stitches will be made. Cathy mentioned she felt like she was solving a problem or a puzzle when she has a space of fabric that needs to be filled. After you take away the “stress” of what is to go onto the fabric, the process becomes very meditative, the colour is calming and the stitches’ beauty comes together while filling in the space. With no deadline, no rush and no pressure for outcome Cathy’s Stitch a Day Project is well on its’ way to becoming a beautiful 10” x 37” wall hanging for her home.

Vision Behind Makers & Mentors

Growing up in a house where you were encouraged to be creative, make a mess and share your crazy idea, is the home that I was brought up in.  As far as I can remember, I have seen my mother creating, she always encouraged my sister, brother and I to play with glue, paint, bake, stitch and all around get creating.  I am a firm believer that everyone has creativity in them, not everyone was as encouraged as we were and creativity comes out in different ways; today we each have different creative strengths. My sister isn’t a sewer or a painter, her magic lies in the mixing bowl. She has a more precise brain (she is a Librarian by day), the beautiful creations that come from her kitchen are creativity at its best. My brother is very different as well, his creativity these days are as a problem solver (he is currently the Acting General Manager for Tourism Jasper). For myself, I love to cook, plan events, paint, make products myself (DIY cleaners & perfume). Not all people who are painters like to sew or crochet, and not all knitters like to weave. Creativity is often more about challenging yourself to try something new, make a mess and enjoy the process along the way, one day falling deeply in love with that one creative outlet that brings you so much joy that you can't stop. 

At Makers & Mentors our goal is to craft an environment that fosters creativity; a space where you can try new things, take risks, ask for help, be challenged, learn a skill and most importantly become inspired to keep creating.  As Mentors, we want to find more people who want to share their skills with a new generation of crafters and creatives, we are always on the hunt for more Mentors (teachers) to share their passion with others.