Makers & Mentors

I’m Cathy Jackson, a lifelong maker, re-user, recycler, teacher and artist, I am primarily self taught although have taken drawing, painting courses and have a residential interiors diploma. I have a strong love and background in fiber, including quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, clothing, and weaving. I describe myself as compulsively resourceful and thrifty with materials,using materials as new as left over party decor to as old as 100 year old fabric, I enjoy using materials in non traditional ways and truly hate to throw away potential art materials.

Thank you for exploring, creating and re using along with me.

The music ended, the guests said their goodbyes, and I began to look at the paper lanterns and the tissue and became inspired. I wondered what I could create with them? After the party I decided to make art, not just any any art. What I wanted to create and what I do create is the result of a life of loving to create, a studio filled with tools, supplies, leftover magic all  collected in my basement studio waiting for the moment, that night after the party, when I said to myself “You will be an Artist”

Sometimes when I see the waste that we produce, I despair. When are we going to stop making too much and wasting so much? What can I make with the lanterns I asked myself . Then I rip, assemble, tear, cut, assemble, canvas, paper, glue, brushes, scissors, cardboard, thread come together, I quilt, I stitch, I paint, it form, it grows, and  it flows. I have no rules, I am sick of rules. I do this for myself. This makes me happy.

The scraps for the quilts go onto the board for the collages and scraps from the collages go onto the next collage, it has begun, I am an Artist, I am a Maker.